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Vos Industrial Group: capacity for decisive and versatile solutions


On this website you will be introduced to all the facets of  the Vos Industrial Group, divided over Vos Rotating and Vos Mechanical. Preceding this General Manager Wout de Graaf and Director Paul Vos will explain what the Vos Industrial Group stands for: “We offer local decisiveness, innovation and solution-aimed capacity.”

The Vos Group introduces a new house style and consists of Vos Rotating and Vos Mechanical. Wout de Graaf is the new Managing Director and reports directly to the Board of Directorsof which Paul Vos is a member. “We admit that there was a measure of obscurity in 2008 in the market concerning the direction the company was taking. This has now been clarified for a full 100%.”

The industrial activities have not been sold to a third party, but have been combined under a the new name Vos Indusrial Group, operating under the names Vos Mechanical and Vos Rotating. This new and especially clear distinction gives all business units of Vos Mechanical and Vos Rotating the opportunity to present themselves in the market with each his own knowledge and know-how under the umbrella of Vos Industrial Group. One division is no longer dependant on the other and each can develop fully on its own. Of course business units make use of each others expertise. In the chart you can see in one glance the organisation of Vos Industrial Group.

Fully active in the complete Industrial Market

Wout de Graaf: “The one aspect that fully describes the Vos Industrial Group is that we are active in the complete Industrial Market. Of course Mechanical and Rotating differ greatly as regard content, but precisely because of this we can serve the full extend of the market. Both divisions are also active with the same clients. Next to this, and this is of great importance, we make use of our strong local presence. We are not a large company and are strikingly decisive. We operate very closely with our clients and can point them directly to the right people for total service. We have the advantage of country wide coverage without a complex organisation. Our strength lies in the fact that the client negotiates directly to the person who has end responsibility. We are investing a lot of time, money and energy in new products and applications. Innovation is high on the agenda of the Vos Industrial Group.”

Focus on solutions for our customers

As mentioned the Vos Industrial Group has two divisions: Vos Mechanical and Vos Rotating. Both are directed at the (petro)chemical, oil- and gas exploration, the electricity and the industrial market, from 10 branches in the Benelux. Wout de Graaf: ”It is a healthy company with a combined annual turnover of  approximately € 45 million.
Although the divisions clearly differ in technical sense, the 300 employees are identical in there objective: finding and realising solutions which answer the needs of the customer. Also the way both divisions work is identical: close to the customer, decisive and aimed at finding and realising solutions.”

100% effort for the customer

Paul Vos adds: ”What has become the Vos Industrial Group, was once a family business with my father. Although much has changed, one aspect has remained the same: to go to the limit for your customer! My father did this in his time and all the employees of the Vos Industrial Group still do this to this day!