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The future in Technical Service

The Technical Service of Vos Mechanical, the mechanical engineering division of Vos Industrial Group, is evident of its decisiveness, flexibility, adroitness and involvement.

Vos Mechanical, formerly Zappey and Vos Industrial Projects, has been active for the past 55 years in the top segment of service and maintenance work on project bases as well as in specialised manufacturing of appliances and new buildings, modification, assembly, revision, repairs and maintenance to semi-nuclear work for, amongst others, processing of aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.

Diversityof clients

We execute these specialities for mechanical installations, including piping, for the chemical and petrochemical industry, the oil and gas industry (on- as well as off-shore), the energy sector and the semi-nuclear industry.


In the area of statistical engineering and as main contractor for industrial clients in the Netherlands, Vos Mechanical wants to deliver the best added value. This added value consists of delivering integral solutions where the wish of the client is the main issue. In this area Vos Mechanical wants to distinguish itself by expertise, quality and the right solutions. Vos Mechanical pursues a culture of involvement, loyal client orientated and cost conscious employees and a safe work environment where every employee can develop.


Specific PMC's, organised as business units

Service takes place in the form of specifically directed PMC’s that have been organised as business units while at the same time utilizing the remaining underlying connection.

Market Sectors

The Market Sectors which are serviced by Vos Mechanical are, amongst others, the processing industry, chemical, petrochemical, the energy sector as well as the off-shore, uranium enrichment and high grade installations